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Lovey Duffies - AntiBactif

Lovey Duffies - AntiBactif
Lovey Duffies - AntiBactif
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Lovey Duffies - AntiBactif
Lovey Duffies - AntiBactif
Lovey Duffies - AntiBactif
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: Lovey Duffies
  • Weight: 30.00g
  • Dimensions: 85.00mm x 23.00mm x 4.00mm

Marley’s Online Boutique’s ergonomic AntiBactif® Nail Bow Files decorated with lovely hand painted design are made from Bohemian Glass, fully Patent and are non-porous preventing germs, fungus, bacteria and viruses from growing! They never go dull and are made to last a lifetime!


The Bohemian Glass Bow File filing rill enables the nail to keep the ideal track, therefore the file is fitting for children, seniors or people with sight disabilities.


The AntiBactif® Bohemian Glass Bow File is coated with a photocatalytic layer, which in contact with sunlight destroys germs, bacteria, fungus and viruses completely, which makes it suitable for people with problems, diabetes, allergies or weakened immunity.


Why a Patent AntiBactif® Bohemian Glass File?

  • Unlimited - Durability in normal use as a file
  • Special Filing Rill - to seal nail layers to prevent nail from splitting, peeling or flaking
  • Healthier and beautiful nails
  • Hygienic - washable or sterilized easy
  • Money Saver and ECO-Friendly
  • Only offered by Marley’s Online Boutique


Marley's Online Boutique’s genuine AntiBactif® Bohemian Glass File is not just a practical nail care item, it is a wonderful idea for a present to your nearest and dearest, a promotional item for your company, a souvenir, or even just a small memento of the beauty of traditional decorated Glass products.


Designs nowhere else found, only offered by Marley’s Online Boutique

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