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Crystal Clear Maxi - AntiBactif®

Crystal Clear Maxi - AntiBactif®
Crystal Clear Maxi - AntiBactif®
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Crystal Clear Maxi - AntiBactif®
Crystal Clear Maxi - AntiBactif®
Crystal Clear Maxi - AntiBactif®
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: Crystal Clear Maxi - AntiBactif
  • Weight: 126.00g
  • Dimensions: 165.00mm x 35.00mm x 6.00mm
  • MPN: 1/165/6/4RC/AB

Do you have health issues, such as diabetes, and need to be extra careful? 

Tired of spending all the money on boring metal or emery boards? 


Now imagine, paying only once for a (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Foot Scraper that you will use for a lifetime.

Imagine a foot scraper efficient and gentle enough to file all the hardened skin on your heels and soles leaving your feet smooth and flawless.


The Maxi Foot Scraper ensures greater coarseness through the use, which contains a number of peaks and grooves in the active area. The coarse top of the File is then chemically etched to create some microstructure of mild coursing.


Another great advantage is that the seam side of the coarse initial material is smooth, allowing space for a nail file. The Maxi Foot Scraper is a universal tool, which can be used for both nail filing and removing the hardened skin, but can be used for other (e.g. technical) purposes.


Why you should enhance the Goddess in you and benefit from a (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Maxi Foot Scraper:

  • Patent - you know you are getting the real things
  • Czech Bohemian Crystal Glass - LEAD-FREE, light, heat hardened glass and fits comfortably in your hands
  • Hygienic - washable or sterilized easy
  • Hypo-Allergenic - non-porous glass preventing germs, fungus, bacteria and viruses from growing!
  • AntiBactif® (safe for Diabetics) - activate the photocatalytic layer with UV or Sunlight to destroy germs, bacteria, fungus and viruses completely. Read more About AntiBactif®
  • Healthier more Beautiful Feets - grinds much finer than any other foot scraper
  • Unlimited Durability - highest quality that ensures a very long life and it is almost impossible for the file to break in use
  • Money Saver and ECO-Friendly - spend less money on buying emery boards therefore contributing to a greener environment
  • Offered by Marley’s Online Boutique - a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors and decorations. Your own logo, wholesale and much more


Marley's Online Boutique’s genuine Czech (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Foot Scrapers are not just a practical nail/foot care item, it is a wonderful idea for a gift to your nearest and dearest, a promotional item for your company, a souvenir, or even just a small memento of the beauty of traditional decorated Glass products.


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