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Marley’s Online Boutique has a partnership with the manufacturer, a famous Glass manufacturer in Czech Republic and the only Patent holder of (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Files.


Looking for corporate gifts, planning a fundraiser, personalized wedding favors, commemorative gifts for clubs and sporting events, then why not create your own design?


The (Bohemian) Crystal Glass File handle can be decorated with any logotype (symbol or motive), which might be applied by sanding or by a swab print. Either of these processes can be combined with paint spraying which makes it possible e.g. to produce a white printed logotype on a black background.


Depending on the wishes, the handle can be hand painted, engraved, sandblasted, swab printed, and you could also add Swarovski Crystals.


Every Marley’s Online Boutique’s (Bohemian) Crystal Glass File carries a silver sticker so you know you are getting the world's only Patent (Bohemian) Crystal Glass File, the best on the market today.

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