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Many moons ago, I was a huge fan of acrylic nails, and spent loads of money filling them as they grew. But, nothing looked more horrible than dissolving the acrylic nails off my nails once they had reached the end of their life. My nails were left weak, and would split, peel and break easily. It took forever-and-a-day for my nails to recuperate from the damage the fake nails left behind.


I had resigned myself to the fact that I will always have short nails, until about 5 years ago when my mom visited her hometown in Czech Republic. She stumbled upon a treasure that would save my hands forever! My mom was convinced that this nail file would be the answer to her prayer that she would never hear me rant and rave about my unsightly nails again.


My mom sang the praises of this amazing nail file, so much so, that while she was on her way back home, I consulted my trusted friend, the Internet, to read up on this life changing AntiBactif® Glass File. AntiBactif® is a Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) layer that destroys bacteria, viruses and fungus when placed in sunlight (UV). And, it is Bohemian Glass, God bless Bohemia glass, such beauty and quality, second to none. It promises unlimited durability, it's lead free, hygienic, washable (even dishwasher safe). It works!


Low and behold, my mom brought back an AntiBactif® Glass File. I started using it and after a short period of time, my nails improved. They grew stronger, stopped peeling and splitting, and they shine. I can honestly say, I’ve never had a broken nail since starting to use my little treasure.


Not only do I now have beautiful nails and hands, I saved money. I didn’t have to buy emery boards, or cuticle and nail treatments. Now my nails are all natural, and completely low maintenance! I will never part with my tried and tested AntiBactif® Glass File.


Take a look, treat yourself to a beautiful Bohemian Glass File. Go on, invest in the Goddess in you.