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About Foot Scrapers

Marley's Online Boutique’s Patent Czech (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Foot Scrapers are made to last a lifetime, they never go dull and are non-porous preventing fungus, bacteria and viruses from growing. Recommended for people with Diabetes, Allergies or weaken ImmunityThe (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Foot Scrapers can be washed or sterilized which makes them extremely hygienic.


Patent (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Foot Scraper is in fact a big (Bohemian) Crystal Glass File made of a special glass profile used for removing hardened skin on heels and soles, in a very delicate and effective way, so the skin does not tear. Foot Scrapers sizes are adapted to optimum handling, which secures maximum efficiency and comfort.


Classical (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Files are often too fine to remove the hardened skin on the heels. That is why a (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Foot Scrapers has been developed. It ensures greater coarseness through the use of the (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Foot Scrapers, which contains a number of peaks and grooves in the active area. The coarse top of the Glass Foot Scrapers is then chemically etched to create some microstructure of mild coursing. This product is very efficient for filing hardened skin on the heels, but can also be used for other (e.g. technical) purposes. Another great advantage is that the seam side of the coarse initial material is smooth, allowing space for a nail file. The (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Foot Scrapers are a universal tool, which can be used both for nail filing and for removing the hardened skin.


Marley’s Online Boutique’s Patent (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Coarse Files (200-millimeter (7.8-inches) long files) are used especially for professional applications in nail- and beauty studios or for the care of toenails. These files with a profiled glass are good for removing callus skin on heels or complete soles of the foot.


Another newcomer to the production line is the Patent (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Oval File (Rasp), which consists of a plastic holder into which two Titanate filing ovals are inserted. On one oval side a coarser, designated especially for filing the hardened skin on heels, and on the other side is a finer oval for finishing touches or for nail filing. As with our other (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Files and Cuticle Sticks it is true that (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Ovals, including the abrasive layer, are made by etching one piece of glass. This avoids the release of the abrasive segments, which is common with other files (e.g. paper or glass files with the abrasive layer applied on top). This way, the prolonged durability of the abrasive area has been achieved.  


Marley's Online Boutique’s genuine Patent (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Foot Scrapers is not just a practical nail care item, it is a wonderful idea for a gift to your nearest and dearest, a promotional item for your company, a souvenir, or even just a small memento of the beauty of traditional decorated Glass products.