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About (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Files

Marley’s Online Boutique has a partnership with the manufacturer - the only Patent holder!


In 1997 the manufacturer of the Czech Republic produced the first (Bohemian) Crystal Glass File in the world. Made out of the best specially hardened Bohemian Glass with perfect filling surface. It attracted attention of both users and experts immediately.


In 1998 it was awarded the highest prize, the "Golden Crystal" - at the Silicium Bohemica exhibition. Many other significant awards followed after that all over the world. 


A unique combination of traditional techniques and modern technology ensures that each individual (Bohemian) Crystal Glass File is of the highest quality.


All Crystal Glass Files are made of Bohemian glass, which has been heat hardened.

The filing surface of the file is created via chemical etching with the help of special mixture of acids. The shape of the file is made by hand with the help of machines. By taking material away from the filing surface and not adding material, makes the surface very stable and durable.


Even such treated glass is not absolutely unbreakable, but its resistance against damage is very high. The heat treatment guarantees that it is almost impossible for the file to break in use.


Marley’s Online Boutique supplies original Patent (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Files in a wide range of shapes, sizes and decorations to all over the world. The 90-millimeter (3.5-inches) files are convenient above all for travelling or as an accessory of the ladies handbag. The 140-millimeter (5.5-inches) file is the so-called “home standard” and is good for everyday care of the nails. Marley’s Online Boutique’s 200-millimeter (7.8-inches) long (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Files are used especially for professional applications in nail- and beauty studios or for the care of toenails. These files with a profiled glass are good for removing callus skin on heels or complete soles of the foot.


We also offer Antibacterial “AntiBactif®” (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Files. The AntiBactif® is a unique innovation of the original (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Files, fully patented by the manufacturer and registered in many countries all over the world. Read more About AntiBactif®


Patent Czech (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Files are #1 Top Selling and offered by Marley’s Online Boutique!!!