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About AntiBactif®

Marley’s Online Boutique has a partnership with the manufacturer, the only Patent holder!


Patent Czech AntiBactif® (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Files are a novelty in modern nail care. AntiBactif® (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Files are indispensable for anyone who wants to have gorgeous nails.


AntiBactif® (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Files were developed after years of research in collaboration with the Centre NANOPIN, which in its domain is a global leader in the field of nanotechnologies. The idea of a sanitary, hygienic AntiBactif® (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Files originated some time ago but was only put in practice upon the development of a new technology and a new-generation photocatalytic surface since high efficiency of the antibacterial layers were demanded.


AntiBactif® (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Foot Scrapers with a photocatalytic layer is a very effective weapon in the fight against bacterial infections and foot mycosis. The skin of the feet is exposed to many bacterial attacks and by using the AntiBactif® file, you actively prevent those infections among your family. 


Marley’s Online Boutique delivers AntiBactif® (Bohemian) Crystal Glass Files in the whole range of possible decorations. For the common everyday use, the antibacterial surface replaces sterilization of the file, nevertheless, the mechanic impurities are to be removed by regular washing (water, detergent, brush).


What is AntiBactif®?

The Antibactif® (Bohemian) Crystal Glass File is a classic (Bohemian) Crystal Glass File, which has a thin surface of photocatalytic layer based on titanium dioxide (TiO2).


How does AntiBactif® work?

In contact with UV light a photocatalytic reaction starts and destroys germs, bacteria, fungus and viruses completely. This is very important since the growing and movement of people across the world keeps increasing rampantly so the threat of severe infectious diseases becomes real again.  Marley’s Online Boutique’s AntiBactif® (Bohemian) Crystal Glass File can destroy the origins of those infectious diseases very easily just by exposing it to sunlight.


AntiBactif® (Bohemian) Crystal Glass File is suitable for people with diabetes, allergy or weakened immunity. The photocatalytic layer activates repeatedly when in contact with the sunlight or any other source of UV light, and the durability of the layer is almost unlimited.


What is the difference between a Classic and an AntiBactif® (Bohemian) Crystal Glass File?

When sterilizing a Classic (Bohemian) Crystal Glass File, some microorganisms still remain on the surface of the File, but when an AntiBactif®  is used, it kills and absolutely clears the germs, bacteria, fungus, and viruses from the surface of the AntiBactif® Glass File due to the TiO2 applied on it.


Does the photocatalytic layer have any side effects?

Titanium dioxide, as the basic component of the photocatalytic layer, is one of the fundamental elements in our daily life. It is widely used in different forms, cosmetic agents, food supplements, and thus has no side effects.

On top of that, the antibacterial layer is fixed on a (Bohemian) Crystal Glass File at high temperature, so that its adhesion to the Glass surface of the File is highly abrasion resistant which prevents potential release of nanoparticles off the antibacterial layer.


How is AntiBactif® maintained?

In principle, it is maintained in the same manner as any (Bohemian) Crystal Glass File. It can be washed and sterilized. To achieve the best possible antibacterial effect, AntiBactif® (Bohemian) Crystal Glass File should be exposed to light as much as possible, preferably to sunlight, or to any source of light containing the UV component.