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Reed Grinding Set

Marley’s Online Boutique’s Reed Grinding Set are made from Bohemian Glass, fully Patent and are non-porous preventing germs, fungus, bacteria and viruses from growing! They never go dull and are made to last a lifetime!


The Bohemian Glass Reed Grinding Set is perfect for any Reed Woodwind Musical Instrument, such as clarinets, saxophones, bassoons and oboes.


The Set is presented in a beautiful wooden box with deep blue foamy lining, which contains a base Bohemian Glass Plate with a grinding surface and a Bohemian Glass Stick for grinding and adjustment of the reed. You can modify the reed using the Stick without its impairment.


Why a Patent Bohemian Glass Reed Grinding Set?

  • Unlimited - Durability in normal use as a file
  • Hygienic - washable or sterilized easy
  • Money Saver and ECO-Friendly
  • Only offered by Marley’s Online Boutique
  • The box can be customized. Just stop by your local engraver with your wishes 

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Marley's Online Boutiques Patent Bohemian Glass Plate has a one-sided filing surface

  • 105-millimeter (4.1-inches) long
  • 60-millimeter (2.4-inches) width
  • 4-millimeter (0.1-inches) thick


Patent Bohemian Glass Stick has a pointed tip

  • 105-millimeter (4.1-inches) long
  • 6-millimeter (0.2-inches) thick


Wooden Box with deep blue foamy lining

  • 150-millimeter (5.9-inches) long
  • 125-millimeter (4.9-inches) width
  • 31-millimeter (1.2-inches) thick

Marley's Online Boutique's Patent Bohemian Glass Reed Grinding Set will help you to customize your reed to your required shape. This superb tool is perfect to resurface the sides, tip and heart of your reed.

An instructional booklet is included.

  1. Place the entire reed onto glass plate. The not-cut side should be situated on the grinding surface
  2. If the table of the reed is wrapped, flatten the table of a warped reed by lightly rubbing the reed on the grinding surface in small circular movements in both clockwise as well as counter-clockwise motions. Be sure that the tip of the reed does not touch the grinding surface
  3. If your reed is to hard, place the entire reed (including the tip) onto grinding surface and continue with small circular movements in both clockwise and counter-clockwise motions. Note: This technique can also be used for customizing a brand new reed.
  4. You can customize just the tip of the reed using this technique
  5. It is necessary to keep the reed symmetrical during the skiving. You need a light place to work in to control the symmetry of cutting. Smooth successive movements on both sides of the reed work best in this process. Make sure to cut always in the same direction and try to o with the grain of the reed.
  6. The reed should be placed on a flat surface for this operation (the Bohemian Glass Plate would work perfectly)
  7. You can customize tip of the reed by smooth cutting with top of the Bohemian Glass Stick. Small circular motions work best in this process (go with the grain of the reed)

Marley’s Online Boutique’s Patent Bohemian Glass Reed Grinding Set is non-porous preventing germs, fungus, bacteria and viruses from growing, which makes them extremely hygienic.


The Bohemian Glass Reed Grinding Set can be quickly and easily disinfected:

  • Keep it like NEW, wash the Glass Plate and Stick after use in warm soapy water
  • Rinse and allow natural drying
  • Suitable for dishwasher, UV Light and to sterilize by high temperatures

Marley’s Online Boutique guarantees that the Patent Bohemian Glass Reed Grinding Set will last a lifetime.


Keep it like new:

  • Keep the Bohemian Glass Plate and Stick in the wooden box for protection whenever possible
  • Handle with care, it will break when dropped on a hard surface. If the Bohemian Glass Plate or Stick is damaged in any way, do not use them anymore. This can lead to damage to your reed and may injure your hands. If that happens, please Recycle and contact Marley’s Online Boutique to receive a discount on your new purchase
  • Durable - the filing surface is guaranteed to last a lifetime
  • Keep away from Children

Marley’s Online Boutique has a partnership with the manufacturer and we only offer LEGAL AND PATENT Bohemian Glass Files in the WORLD.


Patent Bohemian Glass Files are stronger, more durable and carries its own holographic sticker displaying the patent number and its own unique identity reference, making this Bohemian Glass File truly exclusive.


Marley’s Online Boutique’s Bohemian Glass Files are patent in many countries and the manufacturer in Czech Republic was one of the first companies in the world, to manufacture and supply Bohemian Glass Files to both domestic and foreign markets.


The manufacturing processes of the patent Bohemian Glass File, is a unique combination of traditional techniques and modern technology that ensures each individual Bohemian Glass File is of the highest quality. Many different processes are used and even such heat-treated Bohemian Glass guarantees its resistance against damage and it is almost impossible for the File to break in use.


Bohemian Glass Nail Files became a commercially interesting product very soon. Many manufacturers both in Czech Republic and abroad imitate them and sell it at a very low price. Not only are those companies infringing the patent, it is illegal to market these Glass Files, also, they use a different technology to manufacture the Files, so these Files lose both usefulness and aesthetic qualities, which at Marley’s Online Boutique, our unique Bohemian Glass Files are known for.


Marley’s Online Boutique guarantees the highest quality Patent Bohemian Glass Files on the market and is the ONLY Company that offers a lifetime guarantee.


The Patent Stickers are removable after the purchase. 

Reed Grinding Set

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